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The Social Proof Phenomenon and Its Use as a Marketing Strategy

As a marketer, one of the most powerful phenomena you can tap into is social proof. It has the potential to tremendously affect your brand and sales. Being able to understand this phenomenon and use it to your advantage could really set you aside as a marketer. Social proof is not a widely understood concept, and that is the main reason many people haven’t found ways to put it into action. When you fully comprehend social proof and use it in marketing, your brand will stay way ahead of your competition.

Let us, first of all, define social proof. It is generally the idea that people tend to trust other people more than they trust companies. We are more likely to mistrust advertisements and go with a friend’s recommendation when looking to purchase a product or hire a service. Thanks to the internet and social media, this phenomenon that has been at work for the longest time now takes place in even larger volumes. A simple example of social proof at work is how people will read reviews first before they buy an item online.

Now that you understand the basic workings of social proof, you can use it to benefit your business. The main reason it is very effective as a marketing strategy is that it fosters authority and trust. Using social proof to your advantage is among the most effective strategies to use to make potential customers trust you and your brand. The bandwagon effect is one of the best examples of social proof at work. Simply put, people are more likely to trust your company and its brand if your product or service is already popular. This is the main reason why some companies have been around for generations; they have managed to build trust. When you show potential customers that you already have a large client base, it goes a long way in helping you to build trust.

Building social proof will be highly beneficial to your company and brand. Among the major benefits of building social proof is that it will greatly boost your rate of conversions. Using social proof correctly has the potential to boost all types of conversions. Additionally, when you build on social proof, it will result in better engagement with your clients and even potential customers. It will boost your visitors’ dwell-time on your website and also increase engagement for your social media campaigns. In short, you can never go wrong with social proof. Your imagery and messaging should include aspects of social proof as much as possible.

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